Team ApproachTeam Approach

As vocational rehabilitation professionals, we frequently utilize the multi-disciplinary team approach in assisting our clients to return to work. Our specialists are skilled in a variety of areas and are able to provide numerous services directly to our clients. When it is appropriate, we are prepared to form strategic alliances with specialized resources in the community to ensure provision of psychological/motivational counseling, pain management, career assessments, physiotherapy assessments, and Independent Medical Evaluations. Consultation is initiated and maintained with health care providers as needed.

Our specialists are skilled in vocational planning for disabled workers. This involves liaison with the pre-disability employer to arrange return to work plans, assessment of the workplace to determine if acquired skills or modification of the work environment could enhance the reemployment of the worker, or employment counseling to assist the disabled worker to identity suitable alternate employment. Rehabilitation specialists maintain contact with the referral source to provide written and verbal progress reports.